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Project Myron

In collaboration with Xsens, The Virtual Dutchmen, Manus VR, and XMG these Saxion students built a multiplayer, full body motion capture game. The project did not come without its challenges. Having to work with entirely new hardware and software, there was a lot of pressure that built up. But nevertheless, they managed to present a demo at the 2017 FMX fair after just 10 weeks.

The team consisted out of four artists and four programmers. All with their individual focus they were able to put together a product that brings pride to themselves, their school and all the companies that had a stake in this project.

Needless to say their final product turned into a great portfolio item for all of them. Many job and internship opportunities came their way and currently the technicals are starting their own business with full body VR. More information can be found on www.byteanvilgames.nl

As for their advice on signing up for a project like this: “These projects are great opportunities if it is something you want. It won’t be easier than an internship or graduation and you will have to be flexible in you point of view. I would advise to do this if you want to do it, not because you think it is easier or the only option left. Motivation within the project is super important. I personally gave up a graduation project at a small company to do this project and I did not regret it.”

When it comes to expanding your knowledge and working with new technologies like this, it’s not always about how good you are, It’s about how hard you are willing to work to get better.


Project Myron’s website

Monsters reside in all times, places and cultures; the Loch Ness Monster, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Yeti and the Cookie Monster. Children find it exciting to fantasise about these creatures. Also writers, filmmakers and artists it’s a rewarding subject. It inspires fear, conceives dander and danger and challenges to be conquered.

This exhibition is the result of a unique project based on monsters drawn by students of the primary school Het Zeggelt. These drawings are adapted by our students of Creative Media & Game Technologies to express a new story by use of various media. The monsters appear in apps, games, books, animations, board games and virtual reality. The stories are displayed through various mediums together with the original drawings of the children at our Concordia, our partner for this project.


A compelling Sci-Fi adventure created for Virtual Reality by 14 of our own students. Read the story below and join in on the adventure.

“At first the ship floated dormant above the earth’s  surface, until the doors opened. Teachers, as we would call them later, started contact.
Which was against all odds peaceful. The teachers were the last of their kind from a world lost in time. Destroyed by mistakes mankind could learn to overcome.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to last. The ship’s light once like golden veins, went out slowly. With it the entrance started closing.
One scientist was send for the last expedition before the visitor shut for good.
Till today the man hasn’t returned and extraction missions haven’t been successful. His son Peter has been left alone ever since. Full of questions left unanswered.
Today dedicating his life to get to the truth behind his father’s disappearance. Others on earth started returning to their old lives. Leaving behind the time of unconditional curiosity and wonder.”

Curious yet? Their blog contains quite a few cool visuals of the process.

For many working on this project it was by definition the biggest challenge they have faced so far. With Thales as a client the students were given the task to create a cgi film that would display the latest radar that Thales was working on.

Being the first CGI film that Saxion students ever made the project also had the teachers challenged. But the end result brought all of the students great opportunities.


-Hajir Gharib – CGI Expert, main concept art, main 3D modeler, secondary rigger, main animator, UVs 

-Ivaylo Petrov – CGI Director, 3D generalist, secondary 3D modeller, main rigger, animator, texturing, rendering

-Nikolai Brinkmoeller – Main cameraman, location scouting

-Hendrik Voßkamp – Lighting artist, Compositor, 3D support, Colour Correction/Grading

-Maarten Mensink – 3D Tracker, Compositor

-Stefan Beekhuijzen – Compositor, HUD designer, Poster designer, 3D and 2D support

-Toon Koebrugge – HUD designer, title designer, Compositor, Poster designer

-Nico Eikelboom – Sound recording & digital Sound design

-Gerald Bussink – Executive Producing & FX Artist 

Thales is constantly working on high tech solutions to make the world safer, which brought forth the theme “Is it safe?…” Another goal of this project was to attract young engineers to invest their future in Thales.

The video starts with a robot that is born in a Thales factory in the hall where normally the radar systems are built. It then travels through the Netherlands. The robot then locates the ship where it transforms into the integrated mast. The same mast that was created in “de Gouden Driehoek” giving the Royal Marines a world wide advantage.

In the end they were very happy with the result and today the project is still posted on their site https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/netherlands/news/filmstudios-benaderen-saxion-studenten-na-maken-thales-film-project-i-m

If you’re also curious about the process you’ll also find this website interesting: http://craft-thales.tumblr.com/