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We Xist

Project Myron

We Xist is a recreation/continuation of “They Are” and the way we see it it’s not the end yet. It’s just a next step in the story and hopefully next year a new group of students can come along, create and continue with this story. “That is the beautiful part of all of this, the story won’t end if we don’t let it.

The story follows Peter a son trying to reconnect with his father. It’s a story about searching for answers and discovering new things. To clarify this is not a tale about alien abduction, this isn’t about guns and lasers. It’s about an emotional journey as a he tries to understand why his father left him behind.

We Xist is not only a beautiful story “in the making” it’s an experience that these Saxion students have created and it is impossible not to get sucked in. For information about how the project was created check out their blog at https://projectwexist.wordpress.com/

You can also find We Xist on facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedIn

The final version of the project will be presented at GogBot 2018



The project originated in the school year 2016/2017 as part of the subject “project new startup” The student were pushed to step out of their comfort zone to gain knowledge and experience outside the standard skillset that their day to day curriculum consists of. At the end of the quartile Saxion arranged a dragon’s den for all the promising new startups. The young women of Period Box caught the attention of one of the investors Frank Oonk.  These ambitious young women decided to invest their internship months into growing their own company.

Periods are such a big part of the lives of women all over the world, yet it is one of the least discussed topics. This has created a society where many young girls are not properly educated about their own bodys. Even parents of young teenage girls tend to believe that their daughters are receiving the proper information elsewhere causing it to not be discussed in their homes. Period Box aims to break the taboo surrounding the discussion of periods. Their goal is to create a safe environment for young women to ask all the questions they have and to eventually spread their products all over the world.

Period Box is a company for women, by women. They have been focusing on growing their brand and creating the strong powerful women of the 21st century. Saxion supports their students as they are on their journey to conquer the world one period at a time.

Period Box’s website