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Project Myron

In collaboration with Xsens, The Virtual Dutchmen, Manus VR, and XMG these Saxion students built a multiplayer, full body motion capture game. The project did not come without its challenges. Having to work with entirely new hardware and software, there was a lot of pressure that built up. But nevertheless, they managed to present a demo at the 2017 FMX fair after just 10 weeks.

The team consisted out of four artists and four programmers. All with their individual focus they were able to put together a product that brings pride to themselves, their school and all the companies that had a stake in this project.

Needless to say their final product turned into a great portfolio item for all of them. Many job and internship opportunities came their way and currently the technicals are starting their own business with full body VR. More information can be found on www.byteanvilgames.nl

As for their advice on signing up for a project like this: “These projects are great opportunities if it is something you want. It won’t be easier than an internship or graduation and you will have to be flexible in you point of view. I would advise to do this if you want to do it, not because you think it is easier or the only option left. Motivation within the project is super important. I personally gave up a graduation project at a small company to do this project and I did not regret it.”

When it comes to expanding your knowledge and working with new technologies like this, it’s not always about how good you are, It’s about how hard you are willing to work to get better.


Project Myron’s website